Finding Delicious

I woke up at 1:30 am starving. The previous day we ate airplane food and snacked, so while Chris slept I started reading reviews for breakfast places in Zagreb, a relatively new concept in this Balkan capital.

Eggspress has only been open for three months but they have already built a solid TripAdvisor following. I google mapped it and decided two jet lagged tourists could easily walk there. We were out of bed at 4:30am.

Eggspress opened at 7:30 and we were the first to walk in. The owner Vlatko, greeted us warmly, answered questions, and cooked our food. We both ordered double cappuccinos and Chris had fresh squeezed orange juice.


While we waited for our food – Chris ordered a traditional Croatian breakfast and I ordered a mushroom and spinach omelette with a side of greens – I noticed the attention to details in this charming restaurant. Eight tables with fresh flowers and basil bouquets, dark wood accents in an old stone building added an authentic vibe while jazz and downtempo created the perfect morning ambience.

The owner chef got down to business and plated a beautiful omelette. The eggs, perfectly cooked with earthy mushrooms, feta cheese and the bright green spinach, were complemented with a lovely spring onion, a favorite of mine. Chris’s plate was equally spectacular and he remarked that he had never seen yokes so orange, deep yellow, yes, but not orange. Croatian salami and what I think is the Croat version of prosciutto was the perfect side kick. Plum jam and soured cheese cream went on top of thickly sliced bread.



Mushroom Omelette with feta, spinach and spring onion


Traditional Croatian Breakfast

We were pleasantly full, but then Vlatko brought us “Floating Islands” also known as Snenokle which means “eggs in snow” in Croatian. After one bite I was hooked. The light, delicate whipped egg whites were coupled with fresh strawberries and a custard that brought the exclamation point to an excellent, delicious meal.

The only criticism I have is that their name didn’t match the quality or feeling of their food, but in the big scheme of things this is minor. I came for great food and what we got was so much more. (And for around US $10 each it was also a bargain.)


Its obvious that the two owners, Vlatko and Gregor, care about what they are doing. The attention to detail and their hospitality toward us made the meal a 10. We got one of our best tips from them, something we had not read anywhere. I was having trouble walking from a recent foot injury and from their place we caught an Uber that drove us the 3 miles or so to our next destination. All for a whopping $2.27.


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