Cheesy Dinner in the Secret Garden

When we travel to a new place we like to seek out food that is unique to the area. Last night we found it: strukli.

At La Struk, they only serve this Croatian specialty. You can order the pastry casserole in either salty or it’s sweet variations. We ordered one of both: Truffle, and Honey and Walnut. Served piping hot out of the oven, the layers of pastry dough are covered in melted sour cheese, looking much like lasagne’s twin brother.


Truffle (right) and Honey and Walnut (left)


Chilling in the secret garden, waiting for Strukli

I can’t say i fell in love with it, between the two of us we couldn’t finish our meal. But I can imagine it has its place, the perfect comfort food on a cold, wet winter night.

Located in the upper old town near the Saint Francis Cathederal, La Struk restaurant is on a side street. It’s a little hard to find, but once you do ask to be seated in the secret garden. Above average house wine was $2.50 a glass, and our total bill came to 164 Kunas, about $24.


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